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Aura/Energy Cleanser oil

  • HELPS CLEAR NEGATIVE Energies at Home & office
  • Clears Mental Fatigue
  • PROMOTES Peace, Prosperity & good health
  • Cleanses AURA
  • Cleanses Crystals
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Dr. Ratan’s exotic blend of– Frankincense, Tulsi (holy Basil), Rosemary, Lemon, Sage & Cinnamon Essential oils.

Just use few drops on your palms, bring it close to your nose, have a deep breath feel your head clearing then go all around your aura. You can also put few drops in an oil vaporizer or in a spray bottle with water to sprinkle around.

Additional Information-

Gum Resins like Frankincense, Loban(benzoin) and Guggal(Myrrh) had been in use since ages to cleanse negative energies, even in religious and spiritual places. Same way plants of Sage and Tulsi have also been used by mankind to cleanse energies Dr. Ratan has blended the essential oils of these plants and resins to create VASTU cleansing blend. Vastu oil can be used for Religious and spiritual work besides ENERGY HEALING PRACTICES. The blend can also be used for Cleansing Crystals and Home / office energies.


10ml, 15ml, 30ml

2 reviews for Vastu

    Tana Holland
    June 16, 2024
    I suffer from past trauma and panic attacks. I use this and I am immediately calmed and at peace. I have tried Rx and other therapies. This is hands down both a calming agent and a reminder that all is well with my soul! I also feel a deep sense of Divine Protection, I might say "even a feeling of sacredness" I will not be without it!
    Liz Evans
    May 11, 2024
    I am a healer and use this oil throughout the day as I work on clients. It truly helps you clear your energy and lift your vibration when you get tired. It is a great fix!
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