Dr. Vartika Ratan
MD PhysicianDr. Vartika

Dr. Vartika Ratan is the elder daughter of Dr. Minoo and Ravi Ratan. She is a registered medical practitioner and a holistic healer. Brought up in spiritual traditions, she was exposed to use of essential oils early on and has taken keen interest in aromatherapy practice. She completed her first aromatherapy workshop with Dr. Ravi Ratan at the age of 13 years and since then she had been delving with essential oils.  She has been helping Dr. Ratan in mixing and blending oil formulations. She pursued her interests in the health care and joined mainstream medicine. She graduated as M.D. Physician in 2011 and currently she is working as a Critical Care doctor at a Cardiac Care Institute in Mumbai.

Though graduated as a Medical doctor her heart lies in the alternative ways of health management and wellness. Dr. Vartika intends on integrating the knowledge of modern medicine with other forms of complimentary and alternative medicine. To that intent she has also undertaken research on Health Management with Aromatherapy and Manual Lymph drainage.