Dear Dr. Ratan:
I would like to thank you for the wonderful session today.
It was truly the best massage I've ever had, and I'm so happy to have
my chakras rebalanced.  
Really appreciate your healing gifts.
Again, many thanks.

Dr. Ravi Ratan,
I am writing you to express my appreciation for the Chakra Healing and breathing exercises you provided me, which had an immediate “reversing” impact on a heart condition I was dealing with.
I had been experiencing heart arrhythmia/ PVCs for the last 15 years, which progressed into bouts of Atrial Fibrillation……(which is very dangerous and scary).
You prescribed for me a couple of simple breathing exercises, which provided immediate relief and cause the condition to reverse course in just a matter of weeks. I'm happy to say, now six months later, the condition no longer exists in my body.
It is amazing how simple it is to do the Alternate Nasal Breathing and the Solar Plexus “tummy breathing”. As soon as I implemented those two breathing exercises into my daily routine, I saw immediate results in the conditions were literally “chased out of my body” in a matter of weeks. I also should note that these results came after only one chakra therapy/lymphatic massage treatment with you. And I have only seen you twice in the last six months, when you make your way to Chicago.
Please feel free to pass on my story to others at any of your seminars, website, written materials, etc, in hope that we can help others who have similar conditions.
Thank you my friend,
Scott F
(Chicago, IL)

Thank You so much, have just placed my order! My husband can't believe the relief he gets from using the pain relief oil on his arthritic shoulder.  He loves it and gets so much relief unlike anything else he has used in the past.  All the doctors want to do is cut you open and then there is no proof that that will work!
 Thank You for all your good products that truly help people!

Hello Dr. Ratan,
Namaste, hope all is well. What does your travel schedule look like in the U.S / east coast in 2012? The 2 hr treatment you did for me over a year ago now in Philadelphia (kop) was incredibly helpful and effective. I keep your books and oils with me. All the best from my husband and me for the new year. Best, Zoe.

Hi Dr. Ravi,
We met at a holistic convention, and i purchased the chakra oils from you.  myself and my husband love the oils.  i used them on myself to get a feel for them first, and i have started integrating the oils into my reiki and reflexology sessions (I have been using essential oils for some time).  i find that using the third eye chakra oil on myself along with the heart chakra really helps guide my sessions.  my clients have been responding extremely well to your oils.  i wanted to say thank you for your exceptional products.  
I would like to know if i could purchase the following oils;  German blue chammomile, jasmine sambac,  heart chakra oils (2)
thank you so much for your wonderful gift.  hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Ravi,

A thousand apologies, I realised last night I only paid you for the oils I bought from you on the 24th of November and completely forgot to pay you for the chakra massage – I have transferred the $175 (AUD) to your Australian account today – I am so sorry for the delay.

Beside that my neck and shoulders are completely pain free and a lot of people have commented about how much more I am expressing and communicating better these days – All thanks to you!

Thank you you so much for all that you have done and taught me!

Take care,

Thank you! I have noticed a dramatic difference in how I feel both physically and emotionally since Wednesday. I have been experimenting with essential oils for a few years now but have a lot more to learn about them so I will definitely come to a workshop next time you are in Edmonton.

One of your representatives of your product was at the wellness festival in Sun Valley Idaho... I purchased the Skin Toner and Love it and wish to order more .. is there a Phone # in The United States where I could Contact someone to order a Quantity of the product perhaps also the scalp product as well ? Thank you so much for your time Dan

Hello Dr Ravi,
I have been using your skin tone and hair oil for a few years now and I always buy new bottles at the spring and fall health show in Toronto.  I was telling my sister about the skin tone oil and she is interested in trying the oil.  I mentioned that I would buy it for her at the April health show but I was wondering if there is any store in Toronto that carries this product of yours so that she can start using it now.

Hello- I bought a bottle of Skin Tone oil at the health show on the weekend and was wondering if I could purchase 2 more large bottles while Dr. Ratan is still in Toronto.

Please advise.

With thanks

Dear Ravi,
I told my client you were interested in his experience of MLD massage with your oils and he has written the above attachment for you.
From my perspective, the change in him has been quite dramatic. For me the most profound change is in the radical transformation of his perceptions of himself, his experiences and all of his relationships. When I arrived last Friday, the "air" of suffering that had always enveloped him had dissappated. He seems lighter and freer in body, mind, heart and spirit. Each massage seems to address another level; which ever one is most appropriate to be healed at that time. The process is fasinating. I am deeply grateful for this extraordinary opportunity to learn this technique from you and to share it with others. I do believe that the oils are a major factor in the excellent results Roy is experiencing.
With appreciation and gratitude,

Hi Dr Ratan-
I just wanted to thank you for making time in your busy schedule (while visiting the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo outside of Philadelphia) to see my husband, Bill, and my daughter, Casey. They both have benefited so much from your aromatherapy sessions with them. Casey, in particular, has gone thru a transformation! As you know,we tried everything (over the counter and prescription) for her acne. Nothing worked, until she had a session with you and started using your products. The skin tone oil worked the very first night we used it. My only regret is that I didnt take an initial picture of her to show the change. It literally worked overnight! The only problem is... our entire house is now using your products so you will be hearing from us again soon for a reorder. We also really, really like the exfoliating powder that came in a bag. Casey thinks that it works the best for her acne. I didnt see it on your site and cant remember what it is called. Unfortunately, I no longer have the bag as I put the powder in a container. I really hope we are able to buy more of it from you too! Thank you again. I look forward to seeing you at a another nearby Expo in the future!
Carla Phelan