Body Part



Dry and dehydrated skin, Maturing skin, Dull, Patchy, lifeless skin, Under Eye Dark circles, Tired & irritated eyes, crows feet,Greasy Mature Skin .
Pimple, Pimple marks & blemishes.


Lack of natural oils .
Aging, Lack of nourishment Stress, Polluted environment Excess secretion of sebum, Hormonal Imbalance, Stress, Poor Metabolism.

AromaTantra's Solution

Use few (3-5) drops of F.M’s SKIN TONE
For Facial Massage Twice daily Massage around the eye areas with Skin tone Twice daily.
Use FM’s Facial Care Kit for Home Facial, Once A Week Use F.M’s Pimple Treatment Aromatic Cleanser, Acnerol, Skin Tonic Cum Pimple Treatment Lotion

Head-Hair Care

Head & Hair care Hair loss & dandruff.Tension in the head, Dry lackluster hair Oily Scalp / excess greaseIllness, Aging, Hormonal Imbalance, Poor Metabolism Bottled up emotions, Stress Lack of Nourishment, Hereditary, Stress/Tension.Scalp Massage with F.M’s SCALP TONE Use Thrice a week Massage with F.M’s Herbal Hair Oil.


Sagging breasts,Too large or too small, Stretch Marks and Blemishes.Loss of elasticity / gravity, Genetics, Hormonal imbalance
Rapid weight gain or loss.
Massage with F.M’s BUST TONE Skin brushing while bathing, and also use chest packs.

Back & Shoulders

Congested skin with pimples & spots, greasy skin , Dull looking skin,
Tension in back & neck Stiffness in the shoulders.
Dandruff, Excessive Secretion of Sebum, Stress, improper diet, Lack of Exercise.
Stress ( Mental/Emotional ) stagnation, Lack of movement.
Aromatic baths , Back Compress with FM’s Pimple Treatment Oils.
Massage with Fm’s RELIEF/ SLIMMER or BODY TONE.


Excess fat
Wrinkled Tummy
Tension stored in the solar plexus.
Fat deposits & toxic wastes,>
Too Skinny, Improper diet Poor Metabolism >
Anxiety & Stress.
Massage with Slimmer Massage with Body Tone Massage with Solar Plexus or
(Manipura Chakra Oil)


Fat knees; Hidden Knees / Hidden ankles Puffy knees/ puffy ankles; Knee & other Joint Pains Tired feet.Excess fat deposits on Knees & ankles.
Water retention in Knees & ankles.
Physical Exertion/ Excess Weight.
Regular Massage with FM’s SLIMMER
Gentle Massage with F.M’s RELIEF
Foot Bath with aroma oil to be followed with application of RELIEF oil.

Upper Arms-Elbows-Neck

Flabby upper arms;
cellulite; obesity;
Wrinkled elbows; rough or dead skin on elbows;
Tension/Pain In Neck
Loss of muscle tone; toxins; Excess Fat, poor metabolism;

Pressure of leaning (elbows) Dry dehydrated Skin

Mental / Emotional Stress
Regular Massage with
Massage with F.M’s Body Tone after skin brushing

Neck Massage with RELIEF

Physical Condition


Thin/Light Body
Aches & Pains
Excess Fat, Lack of Exercise

Improper diet / Metabolism Poor Postures, Aging Sprain etc.
Massage with SLIMMER.
Massage with BODY TONE.
Gentle Massage with RELIEF.

Mental Health

Disturbed Mental / Emotional state or Traumatic Experience.
Tension, Excessive Thoughts.
Use FM’s Divine Drops RELAXING
UPLIFTING/ (Stimulating)
For Chronic Conditions meet our Psycho- aromatherapist.