(Thousand Petaled) or
Crown Chakra

(Unlimited Power) or
Third Eye Chakra

(Pure) or
Throat Chakra

Unstricken) or
Heart Chakra

(City of Gems) or
SolarPlexus Chakra

(Centre of Taste) or
Sexual Chakra

(Foundation) or
Base Root Chakra


7th -

6th -

5th -

4th -

3rd -

2nd -

1st -

"CHAKRA" a Sanskrit word meaning "wheels" (of Spinning energy) are like flowers on a stalk and connect from the front of the body all the way to the back of the spine, vertically. We have seven major Charkas, each a spinning vortex has its own energy field. These chakras are associated with the physical and physiological activity of our vital organs and glands, they represent the balance of the mind body & the spirit.

Chakras open and close according to our mental and emotional state, also called the psychic centers of the body. When they are balanced we feel maximum vitality, health and body ecstatic. Chakras are transfer points for our thoughts, emotions and physical functioning of specific endocrine glands. When we are balanced and acquire self discipline, our charkas pulsate with light, when our emotions are blocked they become dull and sluggish. The seven major Chakras as per Kundalini Yoga system are as under.



This Chakra represents the "grounding" of the being in the material world, most active in new borns, till the age of 7years. This is an essential Chakra, representing earth element, it stands for the will to survive attitude. Positioned at the coccyx, it acts as the energy pump, where in lies the dormant 'Kundalini' energy, representing physical potency and vitality in a person, in whom it is active.
It is a single vortex Chakra. Imbalance or blockages in the basic Chakra, produce physical complaints related to skin, skeletal system, affects regenerative power, large intestine functions as well as the renal system resulting into the following symptoms like brittle bones, slowed recovery even from common ailments, skin complaints like eczema, psoriasis, frequent illness, accident proneness, arthritis, constipation and fistula, fissures and hemorrhoids etc. A weakened base root chakra is a major precedent of lowered immune system and affects recovery from common ailments.




Most active during the age of 7 to 14 years, responsible for emotional balance and for the development of sexual organs till the age of puberty. This chakra is associated with sensory pleasures hence denotes the "desire" center of the being. This is related to procreation, material achievements, power seeking attitude and behavior. Positioned at pubic region the twin vortex chakra is responsible for the quality and quantity of sexual energy as well as it's exchange between self and others at the physical, emotional and spiritual Planes.
Imbalance of the sexual chakra affects circulatory (mainly lymphatic) system the body, resulting into problems associated with menstruation, reproductive organs, lymphatic blockages leading to aches, pains and discomfort of lower back and limbs. A weakened swadhishthan chakra affects fertility may lead pre/post natal crisis, along with difficulties of child birth.




Most active during the age of 14-21 years, this chakra is responsible for the mental power and self will. Associated with money, power authority this chakra is the seat of EGO also the seat of anxieties. The health of the Manipura Chakra determines the expression of the Individuality and it is here that the dissolution of karmic account begins in the spiritual path.
The need to gain undue and illogical supremacy, creates imbalance and blockages in the functioning of the chakra leading to raised levels of cholesterol, heart diseases, diabetes, ulcers, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and poor eyesight. Also, if this chakra is unduly suppressed, it becomes responsible for imbalanced digestion, bad sleep and raised irritability.




This chakra is our gate-way upwards (spiritual self), towards higher consciousness. It's proper functioning enables us to accept without conditions, ourselves as well as those around us representing the need for the goodness of humanity. This is an important center for all healers.
It is a twin vortice chakra, major imbalance of the chakra is our ATTACHMENTS to people and material things, leading to mental attitudes like possessiveness, exaggerated self importance or selfishness, resulting in pain anguish and trauma. Being related to the organ heart, it affects all its functions, circulation of blood, volume of blood, lungs, tension, blood pressure problems, cramps, spasms, sometimes, even causes Cancer and AIDS.




This chakra governs communication powers of all types, verbal or body. It closely regulates heart function & thought expression processes. It stands for the captivating orator. It is a twin vortice chakra and can easily be affected by other chakras.
Imbalance or blockage, results in the most common loss of voice or hoarseness symptoms, the fear of being exposed. It affects thyroid / para thyroid and all growth and development of the physical body, also problems of the throat like goiter, sore throat, ringing in the ears (tinitis) temporary loss of voice and suppression of expression of thoughts, thus, leading to malfunctioning of the solar plexus.



Ajna or Third Eye Chakra also called Guru Chakra, as it connects us to universal guiding principle or the GURU Element. It is a very important chakra,once the chakra is fully cleansed and opened, for the first time presents a state of non-duality. This chakra is associated with the various cognitive faculties of the mind, both for the mental images and abstract idealism.
This is an essential chakra for developing human intuition, clairvoyance, abstract thinking. Sluggish, dull body activities are a result of dull third eye chakra. Imbalance, results into indecisiveness as an attitudeand a trait as well; also for not being responsible to ones actions. General allergy to everything- asthma and all diseases related to any endocrine gland.




Known in the ancient text as the Bramha-Randhra or the point of Shiva consciousness, the merging of Kundalini as Shiva and Shakti into the ultimate state of Mahabindu or "Shunaya", forms the crown Chakra.
This chakra synchronizes all colours (hence white/golden light), encompasses all senses and their functions and has all pervading power. It is point of total Void. Holding the inverted thousand petaled lotus showering the subtle body with cosmic radiation. It is the center of super consciousness where all polarities integrate, as Siva-Shakti, Yang-Yin, male-female, purush-prakruti and its opening transcends all that is Maya-Bramh, thus passing beyond the ever-changing "Samsara". On opening of this chakra it is a state of transcedence and hence may be called the attainment of "Buddhahood", "enlightenment", or the "Sivsdasha", leading to spiritual state that transcends mundane realities
into affinity and eternity, the state of "Advait".


**APPLICATION: Apply 5 / 7 drops of chosen Chakra oil on the corresponding chakra location and rub Clock wise to activate or energise the Chakra. To Decongest you should rub it in counter clockwise motion. You can also visualize cooresponding Chakra Colour while anointing the Chakra . You can also use these Chakra Oils before meditation.